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Corporate Responsibility

As a responsible coal mining business participant, the Group is committed to building an environmentally-friendly corporation, while maintaining high quality standards in production and sale of coal, as well as the provision of coal upgrading services. The Group’s coal related operations are based in a strategic location, Inner Mongolia, which possesses one of the richest low-rank coal reserves in the PRC. Given the ongoing trends of industrialization and urbanization, the PRC is the largest producer and consumer of coal in the world; hence, it is important that we help raise awareness about the increasing industrial pollution, climate change and social injustice. The Group considers environmental and social responsibilities as one of the core values in our business operations, we strive for greater sustainability and transparency, as well as to create products that foster a sustainable environment for future generation.
Environmental Responsibility
The Group is committed to fulfill sustainable development and promote preservation of resources with its environmental responsibility. We strictly comply with all appropriate laws and regulations of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the PRC.

The environment pollutions problems caused by the coal mining industry are garnering increasing attention from the media and society at large. The coal production operation requires rigorous planning and managing by the combined efforts of geological and mining specialists. These specialists involve in the decision making process and plan a course of actions that make reaching the goal in a much greener and environmental-friendly manner; which includes exploration and development, mining, processing, loading and transportation, and rehabilitation.

We understand that all coal mining processes generate wastes for the environment and, if not treated responsibly, much pollution would be generated for our future generation. Thus, the Group is fully devoted to the implementation of all kind of measures and policies to better control the adverse impact of the business on the ecological environment.
Social Responsibility
We believe building strong and lasting relationship with our employees and suppliers is essential to our ongoing commitment as a socially responsible miner. Besides, maintaining an honest and authentic dialogue is indispensable to be a responsible organization and partner to our stakeholders.

As a responsible employer, employees of the Group are remunerated at a competitive level and are rewarded according to their performance and experience. We strictly comply with the Labor Law of the PRC and other relevant legislation relating to compensation and dismissal, recruitment and promotion, working hours, rest periods, equal opportunity, diversity, anti-discrimination and other benefits and welfare. Most of them are clearly stated in the staff handbook and employment contracts.
Health and Safety
The Group prides itself on providing a safe, effective and pleasant work environment as we believe that employees are the valuable assets of an enterprise. The Group has developed work safety guidelines, established employee safety procedures and precaution, and clarified the responsibility for the division of labor in the site. With our adequate arrangements, training and guidelines, we ensure the working environment is safe.

Despite the challenging market and economic conditions, the Group is committed to contribute to Inner Mongolia’s socio-economic development, community well-being and sustainability.

The Group understands the importance of achieving economic, environmental and social sustainability for the long term success of our business. Our sustainability guidelines lay out our principle and action for managing and performing ethically and sustainably, throughout our operational flow. The Group will continue to deliver safe and quality products served by our enthusiastic team members, without endangering the environment. We will also continue to provide hearty service to our customers and contribute back to the community.