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Board Committees

Grand Ocean is committed to maintain a high standard of corporate governance practices with a view to enhancing the management of the company as well as preserving the interest of its shareholders as a whole to ensure that all aspects of business are conducted in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

• Constitutional Documents
• Board Diversity Policy
Audit Committee
The main functions of the Audit Committee are to review the financial information of the Group, to oversee the financial reporting system, risk management and internal control systems to ensure the integrity of the financial statements of the Group and the effectiveness of internal control and risk management systems of the Group. It also provides recommendations and advice to the Board on the appointment, re-appointment and removal of external auditors as well as their terms of appointment.
  • Mr. LEE Wai Ming(Chairman)
  • Mr. CHANG Xuejun
  • Mr. HO Man
Nomination Committee
The main functions of the Committee include, among others, reviewing the structure, size and composition of the Board at least annually, assessing the independence of independent non-executive directors and the selection and recommendation of Directors for appointment and removal. In assessing the Board composition, the Nomination Committee would take into account various aspect set out in the board diversity policy. The Nomination Committee would discuss and agree on measurable objectives for achieving diversity on the Board, where necessary, and recommend them to the Board for adoption. In doing so, the Nomination Committee would consider the past performance, the individual’s qualification and, for independent non-executive directors, independence, as well as the general market conditions in selecting and recommending candidates for directorship.
  • Mr. TAO Ye(Chairman)
  • Mr. HO Man
  • Mr. LEE Wai Ming
Remuneration Committee
The main functions of the Committee include making recommendations to the Board on the Company’s remuneration policy for all Directors and senior management, the determination of the specific remuneration packages of all executive Directors, including benefits in kind, pension rights and compensation payments, including any compensation payable for loss or termination of their office or appointment, and the making of recommendations of the remuneration of non-executive Directors to the Board. In doing so, the Remuneration Committee would consider factors such as salaries paid by comparable companies, time commitment and responsibilities of the Directors, employment conditions and desirability of performance-based remuneration.
  • Mr. CHANG Xuejun(Chairman)
  • Mr. HO Man
  • Mr. TAO Ye