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Business Strategy

Raising efficiency in resources utilization is one of the keys to meeting the growing demand for resources that are scarce and limited.

As a resource-based company, the Group is committed to overcome the challenges of filling the gap between limited resources and growing demand by achieving resources optimization through state-of-the-art technologies.

Coal-related business is currently the Group’s strategic focus. To build a sustainable business model, the Group has engaged itself in vertical integration, involving coal production (including mining), provision of low-rank coal upgrading and coal trading.

For resource-based companies, effective capex management is essential to maximise profitability.The Group has adopted a light asset principle in managing and penetrating its coal-related business portfolio, which allows it to fully utilize its expertise in the industry:

Commit minimal asset investment via partnership with miners as minority shareholders

Provide equipment rental, management service and sales service for miners

License out the Group’s coal upgrading technology

The Group will continue to innovate and optimize the production process, enhance and update technology, improve the effectiveness of the utilization of raw materials and energy and enhance our energy saving technology in order to maintain the Group’s competitive strength. With the management’s experience and expertise, the Group will continue to identify and evaluate different opportunities, aim to capture the value curve in the mining and resources sector to create long term value for our shareholders.